Our Top Five Blog Posts of All Time

by Nancy Dezarn

What did our customers want to know about glass and mirrors over the years? Plenty, it turns out! We've gone back through the archives to see what our top blog posts of all time were, and we're a little shocked! Popular topics have included creating a dance studio at home, what to do about shower door sweeps, how to clean up broken glass, and more! Here's the rundown:

#1 - DIY Project: A Dream Home Dance Studio

An awesome customer (and awesome mom!) promised her daughter an at-home dance studio, if she could stick to the lessons. Well, the time came that she needed to fulfill that promise! And she did it with a little help from the glass experts at Dulles Glass & Mirror, and a little elbow grease! In as little as a weekend, she was able to get that home dance studio up and running.

Are you looking for something similar? Buy gym mirrors online here!

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#2 - Types of Shower Door Sweeps Replacements

It turns out, you have questions about shower sweeps, and we have the answers! Shower sweeps are the polycarbonate strips that attach to the bottom and sides of a shower enclosure. What is the purpose of a shower door sweep? When do you need to change them? How do you change them? It's all right here.

Do you need to replace your shower door sweeps? We have what it takes!

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#3 - How to Install a Frameless Wall-Sized Mirror

Is there anything more versatile than a custom-cut wall-sized mirror that is perfect for your space? Our customers think not, making this our third most-popular blog post ever! In this post, you learn how to prepare your walls and install your mirrors for a fuss-free DIY mirror project.

If you're looking for a custom cut mirror, look no further. We have a large selection of in-stock mirrors as well, if you need something a little faster: round mirrors, square mirrors, and oval mirrors.

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#4 - Surprising Ways to Clean Up Broken Glass

It comes as no surprise to us that our customers have a problem: broken glass. The first step is cleaning it up properly. Number four on our top list of blog posts is this one on how to clean up broken glass. There are some really surprising and clever methods listed here that we've never thought of before!

And, the good news is, if you have broken glass, you've come to the right place to order a glass replacement!

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#5 - How to Replace a Glass Patio Table Top

Customer photo of outdoor pedestal glass replacement for their table.

Accidents happen, even outside! And even though summer is coming to a close, patio table top replacement remains a hot topic for our blog visitors. This popular new blog post includes a comprehensive guide on exactly which type of glass to choose whether your outdoor table is a pedestal table, a solid surface that needs to be covered, or glass that fits down inside of a frame.

Need to replace your glass patio table top? You can get it here in a variety of colors, thicknesses, and edge types -- and even with a hole drilled in the center if you need it!

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