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We have some great specials on shower enclosures! Right now, you can get an upgrade to free **premium 1/2" glass** or ultra-clear HDglass on your new shower enclosure. Selected shower configurations are eligible for a 10% discount. This could be a savings of $300 or more! Finish up that bathroom renovation and get a quote on a new shower today.

FREE Premium 1/2" Glass or HDglass

Right now you can get a free upgrade to premium 1/2" glass for your new shower enclosure. Available on select shower models. If 1/2" glass does not work for your shower configuration, you may substitute ultra-clear HDglass.

Single Shower Doors Start at $949

A standard single shower door from Dulles Glass comes with certain features. The “base model” comes with up to a 36” wide door opening, up to 72” high (for a single shower door); standard 38" clear glass; and chrome, brushed nickel or brass hardware.

Here are the upgrades you can choose from for this single shower doors. Each shower upgrade is generally $99, with the exception of the ClearShield glass protector, which is charged by the square footage of your shower.


  • Upgrade glass thickness to premium 1/2" glass (+$99)
  • Upgrade glass type: HDglass, frosted, rain, bronze, or gray (+$99)
  • Upgrade hardware finish: oil rubbed bronze (+$99)
  • Add towel bar or towel bar combo (+$99)
  • Increase height up to 78" (+$99)
  • Add ClearShield shower protectant (priced per sq.ft.)
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    Door & Panel Shower Doors Start at $1399

    A standard door & panel shower door from Dulles glass has the same base model attributes as the single shower door, but with one addition: A clip support system for the stationary panels for a truly frameless look.

    For the door & panel shower door, here are the upgrades you can get:

    *Upgrades for Door & Panel Shower Doors: *

  • Upgrade glass thickness to 1/2" (+$99)
  • Upgrade glass type: HDglass, rain, frosted, gray or bronze glass (+$99)
  • Upgrade to oil rubbed bronze hardware finish (+$99)
  • Increase height up to 84" (+$99)
  • Increase width to between 36" and 48" (+$99)
  • Increase width to between 48" and 60" ($199)
  • Add a corner notch (+$99)
  • ClearShield glass protector (charged per sq. ft.)

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    Note: These discounts are not available on shower configurations with glass-to-glass hinges. See below for our discount on those configurations.

    Metro Sliding Shower Doors Start at $1799

    The Metro sliding shower door is truly a luxurious upgrade for any bathroom. This is the most frameless-looking sliding shower door you can get, with a smooth, silent gliding bar at the top.

    Metro sliding shower doors come standard with the following options: up to 72" wide door opening and up to 72" high; and chrome or brushed nickel hardware finishes. Sliding showers are only available in 38" clear glass.

    For the Metro shower door, here are the upgrades you can get:

  • Upgrade glass type: HDglass, rain, frosted, gray or bronze glass (+$99)
  • Upgraded hardware finish: oil rubbed bronze (+$99)
  • Increase height to 80" (+$99)
  • Add towel bar or towel bar combo (+$99)
  • ClearShield glass protector (priced per sq.ft.)
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    10% Off Corner and Neo Angle Shower Doors

    Corner shower doors and Neo Angle shower doors are a great choice if you have a bathroom renovation project where the space allows for it. These types of showers are generally more custom than the other types, since they’ll often have more cutouts and glass-to-glass attachments.

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    Premium 1/2" Thick Glass

    Upgrade your shower to 1/2" thick glass! Ask your sales person about whether this type of glass will work with your shower configuration.

    ClearShield Glass Protector

    ClearShield glass protector is a proprietary coating that actually bonds with your glass when we apply it. Adding ClearShield to your shower makes it easier than ever to clean, as it repels water, water build-up and stains. All you have to do is squeegee your shower off and every few weeks, give it a quick cleaning with our aftercare cleaner.


    HDglass is the highest quality glass you can buy. This glass has a lower iron content, so there is less of the greenish tint you will see in other glass types. It is the perfect upgrade to your shower investment.

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