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Most Important Questions Answered For You

What is glassmart?

Glass Shower Doors are the next generation in affordable luxury and glassmart can quote it in less than 2 minutes. Glassmart is a consumer-friendly, easy-to-use 3D software application design glass shower enclosures more efficiently. With its 24/7 access, your company can now save time and be more productive in the world of building and home remodeling. You will be able to request price quotes for your customers in just 10 simple steps, no matter where you are on this planet. Read More

How will glassmart benefit your business?

Time is money, and bidding takes time! Instead of multiple emails and phone calls to request price quotes from vendors; ... glassmart builds premium glass shower doors, while providing you with instant quotes, competitive pricing and commissions. Its flexibility guarantees you a seamless project delivery at all times. Choose from over 100 shower 3d design templates, enter approximate measurements, and change hardware styles and colors in just a few simple steps; using your own device 24/7. Use it with your customers or as a business integration. Read More

How long will it take to Integrate glassmart?

The software integration takes less than 2 minutes; followed by a 2-hour in-house training by one of our glassmart ...experts. Sales support and video training is available. Read More

Can I generate retail quotes for customers?

Yes. All it takes is a ‘click’ and your customer will receive an email with an interactive quote, a repricing option is available. Super simple for YOU and YOUR CUSTOMER.

How many users can access the software?

We offer unlimited user access for all your team members. There is no limit!

How much does glassmart cost?

It’s FREE. No hidden fees or charges.

An Easier Way to Design Showers Enclosures

Glassmart is a 3D glass shower enclosure designer and price engine made by Dulles Glass for contractors and retailers in the home remodeling industry.

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Measuring, designing and pricing a shower enclosure is a complex process and can take up to several hours to get a final quote from different vendors for your customers. With glassmart, you simply just follow a quick 10 step process to create precise estimates in less than 2 minutes.

Choose from 3D shower design templates to enter approximate measurements. You can add your favorite glass type, glass thickness, add surface protection, and pick hardware fixtures and colors. Once you're finished, your quoted price will be exported to a PDF document and can be sent directly to your customer via email.

A product by Dulles Glass

Choose from over a 100 shower design templates to create over a 1,000 configurations.

Three Options To Choose From

Software Integration

  • Get quotes on-the-go, from anywhere, using any device
  • Use it with your customers OR as a beneficial business integration
  • Easy to keep track of all your commissions
  • On-the-go sales kit including hardware, glass samples and advertising materials

Standup or Wall-Mounted Kiosk

  • Great for customers to have a live and hands-on experience
  • Custom built just for you; choose your preference between standup or wall-mounted
  • Sales kit mounted directly on kiosk incl. hardware, glass samples, and advertising materials

Showroom Concept

  • At least one shower enclosure display, fully installed
  • Standup or wall-mounted kiosk; you choose
  • Sales kit integration incl. hardware, glass samples, and advertising materials
  • Optional slideshow presentation for TV screens
  • Premium placement on locator
  • Co-Op advertising opportunities
  • *Authorized Dealer Option >> Apply Now

Instant price quotes with 24/7 access from anywhere in the world.

Why Choose Glassmart?

An easier and efficient way to price, sell and deliver glass shower doors

Increase Of Revenue

Expand your products and services with minimal work on your end when customizing and selling shower and bathtub enclosures. Quickly calculate even the biggest commercial takeoffs and increase your profits with more efficient and accurate price quotes. Whether you are on the go or with your customer, knowing your price has never been easier.

Easy-To-Use Technology

The easy-to-use interface makes building a new glass shower enclosure a snap! Build with 3D shower templates and add approx. measurements to get instant pricing in less than 5 minutes in just a few simple steps.

Seamless Project Delivery

Easy coordination and a complete interactive communication process that handles measurements, fabrication orders, and shower installations. No calls, no waiting – it’s all done for you!

100% Customer Satisfaction

No more waiting times on price quotes! Share realistic price quotes with your customers and track commission rates on the spot. Your projects are easy to track, plus our superior products will increase your customers' satisfaction tremendously. A worry-free 3-Year Warranty will cover all glass shower door projects for all your customers.

A product by Dulles Glass

Become an Authorized Dealer

Increasing revenue and store traffic, plus new referrals make it a great concept to own the glassmart software, kiosk or showroom.


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Your opportunity at your fingertips

Custom glass shower doors have become the new hallmark of quality for premium home and bathroom projects. Build your profits, expand your offering and boost your referrals.


Your prominent contractor status in your local area is supreme, your projects top-notch quality plus your customer reputation speaks for itself, then you are the perfect candidate.

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As the #1 source for custom glass showers and glass products, plus 43 years of glass expertise we are the most strongest companion in the U.S. market.

5 star reviews
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Let's make shower glass doors the next generation in affordable luxury in the bathroom remodeling industry.

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Get an interactive proposal for your customer in less than 2 minutes.

How Glassmart Works For Your Customers

Glassmart designs and prices your dream shower in less than 2 minutes.
Dulles Glass measures, fabricates and installs in less than 2 weeks.

Interactive Proposal

Glassmart walks you OR your customer through a simple 10-step process to calculate an estimated interactive proposal, that is being sent directly via email to your customer. Your customer can then apply any changes and see automatic price updates.

Complete Package

Our all-in-one product packages include Measuring, Delivery, Expert Installation and a 3-Year Warranty.

In Home Consultation

When the customer is ready, our scheduling team will contact the customer for a possible date and time for our technicians to come out and take exact measurements to start their project.

In House Fabrication

All glass shower door products are designed and fabricated to the exact specifications needed in our very own facility in Manassas, VA.

Expert Installation

Our team of experts installs every shower glass door project in as little as 1/2 a day.


All glass shower door products come with a 3-year warranty. We will send a technician out to fix any issue.

A product by Dulles Glass

For contractors and retailers in the home remodeling industry.

End waiting times for price quotes. Save time. Save money.

Glassmart is the only interactive glass shower door price engine on the market that helps to keep track of your scheduling and commissions.

Glassmart is a 3D shower enclosure designer and price engine made by Dulles Glass for contractors and retailers in the home remodeling industry to create an easier and more efficient way to price, sell and deliver/install glass shower door products.

For more than 40+ years of expertise in the glass industry, Dulles Glass provides residential and commercial customers with high-quality architectural glass products.

With a main focus in glass shower door enclosures and custom-cut mirrors, Dulles Glass is known for its unique custom designs, fabrications, and fast and reliable installations; while always keeping customer satisfaction as a number one priority.

Servicing the greater Washington DC metro area, including Northern Virginia, Maryland, Baltimore, and the District of Columbia; Dulles Glass transforms everyone’s idea into the best smart solution.

Glassmart is the only 3D designer and price engine quoter for glass shower enclosures in the home remodeling industry. We believe that through technology and innovation we can simplify sales of custom shower doors and give our clients the ability to create the glass shower of their dreams with just a few simple clicks.

Bahram Nasehi

Bahram Nasehi

Vice President

Bahram is CEO and founder of glassmart. As vice president and partner of Dulles Glass, he is instrumental in the development and manufacturing process of all residential and commercial interior design and architectural glass projects and product lines. With a background in dental care, and as a practising dentist; his passion lies in writing, marketing and using the power of technology for business.

Patrick Shane

Patrick Shane

Head of New Business Development

Patrick is the head of new business development and oversees the glassmart project. Prior to Dulles Glass and glassmart, Patrick started out in the Residential Construction industry during his high school years. Since the 2000’s, Patrick worked for the big box retailer, partnering with many contractors for installation services. He holds a B.A. from Clarion University of Pennsylvania in Political Science and loves to rebuild antique light fixtures.

Sam Degismen

Sam Degismen

General Sales Manager

Sam has been with Dulles Glass for about 10 years and oversees the company's sales department for Dulles Glass, including growth objectives, problem-solving and communications. Prior to Dulles Glass and glassmart, Sam holds a bachelor's degree in Criminology Law and Society, Hotel Management and Hospitality Management and is a very passionate sales and marketing guru.

Emre Tunc

Emre Tunc

Executive Director of Business Development/Sales

Emre has been with Dulles Glass for about 12 years and oversees the company’s sales department e-commerce sector, including strategic planning, team motivation, performance analytics and projecting future performance.

A product by Dulles Glass